The Professional Gamer - June 24, 2019

Hi all. Very excited to be talking to you this week from what might be the first and last week of summer for Colorado this year. I’m joking of course, but this has been one of the coolest springs that’s happened in Colorado for many years. In the middle of last week we had some warm weather, up into the 80’s, and it felt like summer. Then, over the weekend, the daytime highs are limited to the 60’s with overnight lows going into the 40’s. This feels highly unusual! But, it means I’ve been super happy spending my time indoors writing a paper and playing some video games. As I write this post on Friday night, I’m planning to spend a good portion of tomorrow with my brother-in-law who will be moving away soon, and then spending the next day at Denver Zine Fest. I’ll have to let you know how that goes next week. Let’s get on with talking about how I spent my time this week.

First off, I finished Run with the Wind and the conclusion was everything I had hoped for. Since I started watching the series, I’ve been thinking about running a lot, especially why I run. I may have to do a longer post on my personal blog to discuss it. Each of the runners in the show has their own feelings and reasons to run, but they all come together and push each other onward. I loved watching the struggle and triumph of the last few episodes. It’s a great sports anime, and I’m not just saying that because it’s about my sport. The characters are interesting and fun to watch develop, the stakes and abilities are realistic, and the backgrounds and animation are amazing. Give it a watch!

Next, I’m continuing my journey in Breath of the Wild. It’s fun to be playing a game regularly again. I’m so happy to be playing a really big adventure game again. Starcraft II was fun to try to optimize things and see the story develop, and Elite: Dangerous is fun as a way to see lots of pretty stars and relax and listen to some podcasts. But BotW gives me a chance to explore, puzzle solve, and fight monsters, and it is so good at these things. I sometimes feel daunted by the size of the adventure that I’m working on; I have so far to go with only one divine beast reconquered and around 8 heart containers. Then I remember that the journey ahead will likely mean many hours of fun and stories to tell people later, and that makes me excited to continue.

And that’s all I’ve got to talk about this week. I hope you all have fun and consider checking out some of the things that I’ve recommended. Have a great week, and game on!