Denver Pop Culture Con Beer Release Party!

This years Denver Pop Culture Con (formally Denver Comic Con) beer release party is this weekend! The bear this year is called “Bock Machina” and is based on Breckenridge Brewery’s Maibock recipe that won a bronze medal at the Great American Beer Festival. Per the press release:

The party is challenged with concocting a malty lager that casts a joyful spell on all whom taste it. Maibock  is a refreshing golden liquid which tastes of honey and grain and smells of sweet fruit.

This years event will be held at the Monkey Barrel on Saturday, May 25th at 7:00 PM. The first 200 people to the free event will get a free glass with the beer’s logo. There will also be a Cosplay Contest where winners get tickets to Denver Pop Culture Con and an LED Dance Floor. Not that I plan on dancing, no one wants to see that. But you are probably great at it so you should come on down this weekend and enjoy yourself!

Bock Machina is named after the gaming group Vox Machina from “Critical Role” and joins the hefty list of previous PCC/DCC beers:

  • The Fantastic Pour

  • The Caped Brewsader

  • Brews Wayne

  • Hulk’s Mash

  • Snape-ricot

  • I Am Brewt

  • Razznarock

Denver Comic Con Beer Debuts Tomorrow!

Denver Comic Con Beer Debuts Tomorrow!

Do you like beer? Do you like geeky things? Do you like live music? Then do I have the event for you! Tomorrow at Stoney's Bar and Grill Denver Comic Con is going to debut this years beer, Snape-ricot! Yes the winning name and excellent pun based name for an apricot beer is also going to honor Alan Rickman with how he masterfully brought Snape to life on the silver screen. Go for the popular vote! Ryan Workman, Breckenridge Brewery Brand Manager, is pretty happy and could not have thought of a better name. 

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Denver Comic Con Beer-Naming Contest!

Denver Comic Con Beer-Naming Contest!

If there is one thing that is unique to Denver Comic Con, one thing that you don't typically see at other cons (at least to my knowledge), it is the annual beer that is named by fans and available only during Denver Comic Con. Previous years winners have included The Fantastic Pour, Caped Brewsader, Brews Wayne, and Hulk's Mash. Well starting 2/29 the tradition continues with the 5th Annual DCC Beer-Naming Contest! In concert with Breckenridge Brewery; Denver Comic Con will have yet another unique brew that will sell out in no time flat.

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The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 91

Happy Turkey Day fellow Americans, and happy day of the week to everyone else!  This week we talk a bit about Minecraft, Zelda, and Skyrim.  So sit down and enjoy what we have to offer.

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The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 64

Welcome back loyal listners.  All three of of us are togehter this week and we have an actual show for you today. I am going to warn you now, we got really off topic towards the end.

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