The Professional Gamer - May 1, 2017

Hi readers! I'm in the middle of two weeks away from home. I mean...technically I'm home right now, but I was away from Monday to Friday last week and will be away from Monday through Thursday this week. Anyways, I didn't have a chance to play an Zelda this past week, but I did attend ComicFest with Crystal. I also brought my 3DS with me and spent a lot of time playing Fantasy Life. In fact, I have now mastered 8 of the 12 "Lives". I don't often have a huge desire to play Fantasy Life, but sometimes when its the most interesting thing that I have access to, I can really get sucked into it. Maybe this next week and I can master another life or two.

I don't have much to report on ComicFest, largely because there wasn't very much there. I think there were 4 or 5 people selling their own comics, a few others selling prints and crafts, and several selling collectible comics. We had a few visitors at our table, but never a lot of traffic. From the sound of it, StarFest (of which ComicFest is a subsidiary portion) did not make a strong effort to cross-promote the other parts of the convention. But, I'm not privy to all the inside information.

That's all I have for this week. Have a great time and game on!

The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 208

Hi everyone!  We're back from StarFest (ComicFest) and here to discuss our adventures there and the upcoming release of Hulk's Mash.

Show Notes:

  • StarFest 2015
  • Hulk's Mash Event
  • Absolute Duo (Anime) 

The Professional Gamer - April 25, 2015

Hey everyone! We had a great time at ComicFest / StarFest. Then went back to work with crippling deadlines. Which means, I'm well behind on getting our interviews out on podcast.  Look for those in the next few weeks. This also means I haven't spent a whole lot of time with enjoying myself in the evenings. Regardless, here's what I've been up to this week.

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