Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool, the first R-rated Marvel movie since 2004, has finally hit theatres. But is this movie as good as all the hype has made it out to be? Or is it going to have been all marketing magic? Well good news to all of you, the movie is good. They took the recent Deadpool comics and translated them into a movie that we can proudly admit to having been seen. Although, and this is pointed to you parents, I would HIGHLY advise you holding out on taking the kids to this movie. Yes, it is a Marvel movie, but no one will question why Deadpool earned an R-rating and without it this is not the same movie. There will not be a TV friendly version of this movie.

Now lets flashback a number of years to San Diego Comic Con. A trailer of some Deadpool test footage gets leaked. Fast forward to another SDCC and this footage returns later a little cleaned up with the announcement that there will be a Deadpool movie. Fast forward again to this weekend and this same freeway gun fight opens the movie. It even included Deadpool coloring on an overpass listening to some tunes. Immediately during the opening you know this movie will be different. Trust me when I tell you to read the opening credits, it really sets the tone of the movie.

Since this is the first Deadpool movie it requires a long and boring origin story about who Wade Wilson is and how he got that fancy red suit. Well this is done between action scenes with 4th wall breaking flash-backs until we reach the present day. It is a unique method that I am not sure would work with the other Marvel properties since they don't acknowledge they are in a fictional world the way Deadpool does. Now if it annoys you when characters break the 4th wall, you probably are not reading this as you don't like Deadpool anyway, so you will like that portion of the movie. Breaking the 4th wall is used to do more then tell the story. Deadpool also uses this to make a few well timed wise cracks about Fox's X-men movie universe. 

 Now the big question is, should you see this movie? Well if you only like superhero movies that feature a hero who works for the greater good and is a good person without question; then just stay home and watch Ant-Man or Avengers again. But if you are looking for something different, if you are looking to have a laugh then this movie will scratch that itch.

Fingers crossed this scene is in the sequel.

Fingers crossed this scene is in the sequel.

And on a few different notes. Thanks to X-Men: Days of Future Past this is technically the same Deadpool that almost destroyed this movie's chance. Now instead of a mute teleporting sword implanted monster we have the Deadpool we always wanted. A Deadpool that broke records for opening weekend sales for both R-rated movies and for movies opening in February making $135 million domestically and $125 million internationally. Not bad for an idiot in a red suit.

Doorknobs don't kill people, I kill people! Here, have a Deadpool game review, and a taco.

Em here! I picked up the new Deadpool game today, thought I would give you guys a tid-bits while I am at the halfway point.

As of now, If you know Deadpool you can expect lots of sweet weapons, dirty jokes, funny phrases, silly actions, and "fourth-wall" breaking. So to put it simply, if you like Deadpool (and how could you not?), you'll probably dig this game. To be honest even if you're not much of a gamer/comic reader, you'll still find it entertaining.

Starting with the good stuff, there are a fair amount of cool weapons and upgrades that don't take too long to afford(in Deadpool points that is). You're literally battling enemies 90% of the time so this keeps things from getting too old too fast. From the upgrade menu you can choose from a few guns and there are also a variety of melee weapons and gadgets to use as well.Besides that, Deadpool's regenerative healing is nice, if you just step away from the action for a bit, he will gain his health back pretty quickly as well as his suit; this saves some stress trying to find some health. Also teleporting to avoid enemies and travel short distances comes in handy too, it's pretty similar to "Blinking" in Bethesda's Dishonored. Anyway, I think the cut scenes are my favorite part thus far, there was also a super cool 8 bit portion too that I was pretty fond of.

On the flip side, there really isn't any sort of story line to this game. It's pretty much all non-strategic killing and I guess we all assumed it would be. This is totally fine though, I didn't expect this game to be super deep and intricate, but with the minimal story line, and small range of enemy types you may get a little weary of repetitiveness. All in all, I think it's the funny jokes and random actions that make this game worth while in itself, but the replay value is pretty low. If you're a huge Deadpool fan I'd say go ahead and drop the $60 bucks for it, if you're not, you may be better off just borrowing it from a friend or playing it used.