The Professional Gamer - November 24, 2018

Hello readers! I hope you all have had a good week, and for those in the U.S., a great Thanksgiving. And if you are interested in such things, found some good deals on electronics and what-not. I’m looking for a new laptop, maybe one that can play games that are withing a few years old, rather than my current computer, which sometimes struggles to run Chrome. But that’s my own issue. Let’s talk about some geeky stuff.

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The Professional Gamer - February 9, 2018

This has been a busy week. Meetings on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and homework that I had to complete on Wednesday night. Amidst all that, I was able to find some time to enjoy myself this week as well. Not much time for video games other than getting a bit obsessed about the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp event. Gotta get all the gothic gear! But that's not what you came here to hear about. Instead, lets talk about some anime.

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The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 188

Greetings Geeks! We have brought you to another episode of The Gameslave Podcast, this time with special guest Laurissa! Laurissa is a friend of show and artist of two web comics, Tess and Jack: Work for Hire and LesTwentyTwo. Let us know if you liked it!

Destiny Beta
Diablo 3
Sailor Moon Crystal
Dash Con - First Hand
Time Crash (Doctor Who fan band)