DeusEx And Gamestop - Not the Happiest Couples


If you purchased a PC copy of DeusEx: Human Revolution you would be lucky to find a code inside for a free copy of the game on OnLive, unless you purchased it from Gamestop.  Gamestop was not aware of the included coupon when they received the games, and since they do not have a partnership with OnLive was rather appauled that the coupon was included.  So much in fact they opened all of the copies of the game and removed the voucher.  Well people, including Square Enix, were not happy about new product being opened and the coupons removed.  Now Gamestop, instead of having to deal with angry customers that are mad about them opening the game before being purchased, Gamestop has decided to just outright not sell the PC version.  The promotion that SquareEnix has setup is in direct competition with a cloud gaming service that Gamestop has in the works.  So they are just going to return all the copies of DeusEx: Human Revolution.  If you purchased a copy through pre-order they will still honor it, but don't expect your OnLive game coupon.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Release Date

I'm at Gamestop yesterday getting a game for my wife and they had a sheet of release dates on the counter.  Conveniently it was opened to the page with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and a release date of 11/02/2011. Of course I had to ask if this was a Gamestop estimated date or an actual release date, with the answer being an actual release date.  The employee even went as far to show me what the date would have been in Gamestop estimated it.  So there you have it.  We should be able to expect the most recent version of Zelda out for this holiday season, but what else does that mean?  Well unless Nintendo is doing a record release time for an announcement of a new gaming console, this game will not be on the Project Cafe system.  It also means that Nintendo actually has something worth buying this holiday season.  WOOHOO!

Nintendo 3DS for $199 or less?

So, are you wanting to buy a Nintendo 3DS when it hits store shelves but don't want to drop $249.99?  Will you also have an older DS system that will get no love once you buy a 3DS?  Well, you're in luck.  Now until April 3, 2011, GameStop is promoting a 3DS Trade Up Offer.  When you trade your old DS system you will receive a credit towards a new 3DS.  If you trade in your DSi XL you will receive a $100 credit towrds a 3DS.  If you have a DSi your trade in value will be worth $75.  Finally, if you're like the majority and have a DS Lite, you will receive a $50 credit.  So, instead of spending the full amount and keeping your old DS system, you might as well head down to your local GameStop and reserve a 3DS while saving some dough.  Check out the full details to GameStop's 3DS Trade Up Offer here.