This Weeks Geek - The Assassins

Quiet, unassuming, deadly. These are the traits of a master assassin. They can blend in with a crowd, disappear into the shadows, kill a target without being spotted and then disappear without a trace. But why does one become an assassin? Is it for revenge? Are they born into it? Or is it something more? With the wealth of assassin based games that are coming out this season I felt now would be a great chance to look into this dark and seedy underworld. 
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Hitman - The Kill

So the name of the game is assassination. But how does one go about it? Are you stealthy? Do you aim at just one target? Do you use the environment to do your dirty work? Or do you go all out with guns and explosives? Lets see how what Agent 47 thinks?

Intrigued? The wait is almost over as Hitman Absolution hits stores November 20, 2012.

Hitman Absolution - Preview

I want to be clear with something before I give you my impressions on Hitman Absolution, I am a huge fan of the Hitman series.  So, if my impressions of Hitman Absolution come off as “fan boyish” it’s because, yes, I am a Hitman fanboy.

Hitman Absolution takes place with our favorite assassin Agent 47.

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