This Weeks Geek - Time or Money

Curse you video game industry. The majority of your blockbuster hits all seem to come out around the same time. I know that the holiday season is important to make sales, but would it be possible to spread things out a little more? I am still working on Borderlands 2 and Fable: The Journey. Then Assassin's Creed III just came out last week which I have barley played. Now Halo 4 comes out tomorrow, which due to the fantastic job Microsoft did with Forward Unto Dawn mini series I am actually more excited about then I was before. I don't have the time to get and play all these great games.
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Hitman - The Kill

So the name of the game is assassination. But how does one go about it? Are you stealthy? Do you aim at just one target? Do you use the environment to do your dirty work? Or do you go all out with guns and explosives? Lets see how what Agent 47 thinks?

Intrigued? The wait is almost over as Hitman Absolution hits stores November 20, 2012.