Destiny - Review

Destiny - Review

Destiny, it is a word that carries a lot of weight. It is used mostly when someone believes that a fate is inevitable and usually important. It was Luke's destiny to become a Jedi. It was Billy <something> destiny to wield the power of Shazam. And it was Bungie's destiny to come out with a new sci-fi shooter. But not all destinies are good ones. Is Destiny worthy of the name it represents?

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Best MMO of 2012

MMO's are quickly dominating the gaming market, or at least the free-to-play part of the market. As such there are now a number of MMO's to choose from, but despite this we have have chosen a few nominate for MMO of the year.

Guild Wars 2
Planetside 2
World of Warcraft: Mists of Panderia

And the winner is Guild Wars 2 (like that is any surprise if you listen to the podcast). The interactive combat and way they work questing makes the game really fun to play. Add that to the no subscription play model and this is an MMO that anyone should pick up.

Conversations with IrishPride Episode 14

Click, click, click
Hello everybody!  Can I get a "Hell Yeah!" for back to back weeks of CwIP!?!  Today I'm going to talk about how I took my MMO experiences to a whole new level.
When I play MMO's, I've always been a "clicker" when it comes to activating my abilities.  I know I'm in the minority when it comes to this because, for the most part, everybody I know (excluding ZeldaQueen, she is a mouse clicker with me) uses the keyboard bindings to activate hotkeys.  I've never had a problem using my mouse to click, but there was one point while playing SWTOR that I couldn't find my cursor and thus couldn't activate an ability that could have saved my life.  I then decided it was time for a change.  I never really liked using the keyboard binding because I like my fingers to stay in the same WSAD area and not have to worry about the position.  But I also knew that I needed to change from mouse clicking.  After doing some research, I decided to buy a new mouse, the Razer Naga Epic.
Now this thing is a beast.  There are 12 programmable bindings on the side of the mouse thatThe word "Epic" in the name is appropiate. essentially work as the 12 keys on your keyboard that activates the abilities.  Now, most of you know that when you play MMO's there are tons of abilities for you to use.  So 12 may not seem like a lot, but add the Shift button with the 12 keys and now you have 24 different bindings.  Let's not forget the 3 other buttons on top of the mouse.
I admit, I am extremely late to the party when it comes to keyboard bindings.  And to be honest, I'm still not using the keyboard to activate my abilities (aside from pressing the Shift key), I'm still using my mouse.  However, the Razer Naga Epic allows me not to have to worry where my cursor is and can spam a certain ability thinking the faster I click it the faster it will come off cool down.  The Razer Naga Epic has been a perfect compromise for the way I like to play.  My left hand can still stay put in the WSAD area, while I'm no longer having to click all my abilities.  Granted, it did take me awhile to get use to the 12 keys on the side of the mouse.  My problem wasn't locating the 12 different numbers with my thumb, but remembering what skills I had programmed to each button.  But after a few hours of gameplay, I am now an elite Bounty Hunter.
So, if you're tired of your friends making fun of you because you are a "clicker" or you are like me and wanted to improve your gameplay experience, I highly recommend the Razer Naga Epic.  I also recommend the cheaper Razer, but if you're like me and need wireless, go with the Naga Epic.  I look forward to using this mouse and becoming more comfortable with the configurations of it.  Besides, having a smoother gameplay session is what it's all about.
This is IrishPride signing out and until next time...Go Broncos!!!  (Bet you thought I was going to say something related to the Naga Epic huh?)

Conversations with IrishPride Episode 13

I'm Still Here! Hello everybody and welcome to episode 13 of Conversations with IrishPride. I realize it has been well over a month since my last installment, but I'm back and ready to talk Star Wars: The Old Republic! First off, I hope all of you out there had a great holiday season filled with family, fun and of course video games. Also, I hope you have a fantastic 2012!
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The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 74

E3 is just around the corner. What are we going to see there, what are we going to do? We are going to report it all to you great people! This is a short podcast in preperation for E3 and and little talking about Rift.  Keep an eye on @TheGameslave for updates and see you all soon.

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I don't really have notes for this show, but you can head to the podcast page if you want to anyway. It is here.

E3 in Less then a Week

So E3 is next week, and I really have not said much about it.  Some of you may think this means that I am not excited about it.  That is a lie, in truth I cannot wait for the biggest gaming convention in the states. In preparation for this people have asked me what I am looking forward to this year. My normal answer to this is everything, but giving it some thought I do have a small list.
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