Skyrim and LotR Violin Videos

It would appear that I am on a music video kick this week. Does everyone remember the Zelda violinist that I posted sometime ago? If not it was done by Lindsey Stirling. Well it appears she has been busy and has since created two other videos.  Once for Lord of the Rings and one for Skyrim.  Both of these are pretty good and the Skyrim video proves that the violin is mightier then the sword.

I'm the One That's Cool

Were you picked on in Middle / High School? Did you never get the the respect that you really deserved? Well that was life for most us, and now we are in control! We are important, and we have fan bases in the 100,000's (Disclaimer: Other people, not me). But with that pattern, The Guild / Geek Sundry have created a new song, and a music video to go with it.


The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess

So there is much news today concerning The Legend of Zelda, and none of it pertaining to Skyward Sword. First we have news on the the concert for the Zelda series.  Titled "The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess". It will continue it's tour in 2012 starting in Dallas, TX on January 10. Tickets are going to range from $19 - $115 with discounts availble for Club Nintendo Members. You can get tickets from The Dallas Symphony. They are going to announce more concerts soon, so I will keep my fingers crossed that they are coming to Denver, or at least really close to it.  Read on for the full press release.
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Dungeons and Dragons - Song for Ulvaak

Many of us (or so I hope) play Dungeons and Dragons when we can. Well these two girls wrote a really nice song about Dungeons and Dragons that is very meta.  The titled Song for Ulvaak  recounts the tales of a hardened warrior that has been paid to kill a ghoul.  It starts out seeming like it is a normal adventure, but takes a nice turn.  The two singing it did a great job so give it a listen in the embedded video.

Navi's Song (Hey, Listen!), Trust me on this one K

So this video is by the same chick (read Meekakitty) that did the Star Trek Girl music video.  I do think this one is the better of the two videos and gives quite a different spin on the relationship with Link and Navi. And yes, it is a 5 Min 34 Seconds long, but the actual song ends after 3:12.  The rest is Meekakitty doing what made her famous (at least as famous as the internet makes you) in the first place.

Video Games and Music: Sweet Sounds of Awesomeness

Hi all, IrishPride here again to talk to you about video games and music. Yesterday I posted an article about how I am obsessed with story driven video games. What makes these games even more immersive is the orchestral scores. Video game music has come a long way from bleeps and bloops to full one hundred piece orchestras...
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Music from the Final Fantasy Series

Source Image from Distant Worlds websiteHave you ever wished you could hear some of those great Final Fantasy pieces played by an orchestra instead of the game's limited midi sounds?  Look no further than the Distant Worlds tour playing the music of Final Fantasy.  It would appear that the tour schedule is close to wrapping up and if you were one of the American fans that got to see the concert live and in person while the tour was in the States, you're lucky. 

If you are like me though and were unable to enjoy the music live, it doesn't mean that we have to miss out on the glorious orchestra sound.  The official website of Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy allows you to purchase the two CDs of officially released music from the concerts.  It also allows you to purchase the tracks as direct MP3s or if you just want a gander at the sounds, there is a streaming option directly on the website here.

It is very exciting for me to listen to pieces from Final Fantasy VI such as Dancing Mad (Kefka's Final Fight Music) or the Opera House "Maria and Draco" sequence in full orchestra and choir glory.  If you're a fan of the series or just want to listen to some beautiful music you may have passed on before because of the games, then give Distant Worlds a spin.