PlayStation 2 - May you Rest in Piece

While the original PlayStation may have been what placed Sony on the map in the world of video games, it was the PlayStation 2 that helped cement them there. While the system did not initially sell for its ability to play games, and instead for the fact that it was a cheap DVD player, this gave it a large install base. Have such fast sales made developers jump at the chance to create games for it. Over 12 years the system sold 155.1 million systems (as of March 2012). This mean almost every gamer at one time or another had a PS2 (except me, but we are not going to get into that). Now, after a very impressive 13 year life span, the PS2 is ceasing production. And can you fault Sony? We are on the verge of a new generation of consoles, they don't need to produce 3 generations at once. But what does this really mean? Can we expect Sony to have something new and fancy to show us at E3 this year? Can we expect the PS3 to die in 2019? Are they going to make PS Move something we actually want? Only time will tell in the coming months.