The Professional Gamer - November 2, 2018

I’ve had a somewhat busy week: full-time training at work and some last minute volunteering to help with elections. There was also that holiday in the middle of the week which is the reason that I currently have a house full of candy. But, let’s get on with it and talk about the more geeky things that I did this week.

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The Professional Gamer - October 19, 2018

I spent a short portion of the week away, but had some good fun. This week only had short flights, but also had relatively shorter days in the field and some time to play some video games in the evening. I’m a bit distracted from watching anime currently, mostly because I decided to give another show a chance. So, let’s talk about that a bit.

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The Professional Gamer - September 28, 2018

Hello, friends. This has certainly been a “special hell” type of week here. I’ve tended to keep politics out of this feed, because I want it to be more of a safe place. Or, at least a place that is less affected by the day to day events of the world outside, and we can just talk about things that bring us joy. Events this week have really intruded on that for me. I’m not going to write a thousand words about it here: people with traumatic experiences, and who are much sharper in their analysis and prose, have already (or will soon) talk or publish about it. All that I will do here is encourage you to register to vote now and turn out in November to vote.

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The Professional Gamer - June 1, 2018

It has certainly been an eventful week! The Adventure Event in Pokemon GO, which started last week, continues on. At the same time, Alolan Exeggutors are spawning throughout the world. These Exeggutors count as Grass/Dragon type, so if you have had trouble capturing enough Dragon-type Pokemon in the past, now is a great chance. I may be able to earn the Silver level of the Dragon-type Badge during this event, which will be a welcome bonus. Let's talk a bit more about more serious games and anime!

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Pokémon GO - Halloween Special

Last night you may have noticed that Pokémon GO updated their loading screen. Gone is the Gyarados, and now you have Gengar ready to spring on you. And with this change comes an event! For the next week you will see an increase in ghost types spawning, meaning Gastly, Haunger, and Gengar will start showing up more often. You will also be seeing double candy from pokémon you catch and sent to the professor! Enjoy this short event while you can folks.

Denver Zoo Embraces Pokémon Go!

Denver Zoo Map (I think)

Attention all Pokémon Trainers. This weekend the Denver Zoo is providing a $5.00 discount to all that are playing the popular mobile game. In addition to the discount, between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM the zoo will be dropping lures at it many pokestops. So come on down and see animals both real and virtual! Just please remember to stay out of the cages. 

And just in case you want it, here is the Facebook page detailing the event.