The Professional Gamer - June 6, 2016

Hello readers and welcome to another installment of The Professional Gamer.  I hope you all had a good Memorial Day.  I spent my morning running the Bolder Boulder.  Then, most of the rest of the day was spent recovering from the race.  I had a decent time this year, especially considering how much my training was interrupted this year due to a number of other life events. During the rest of the week, I spent most of my free time this week reading, but also finished watching Golden Boy with my friends.

Let's start this week with discussing Golden Boy, which wins the award for the most raunchy anime that my wife enjoys to watch.  Kintaro is a rather terrible perv, but in the end he also has a drive to do good for those around him.  I want to really hate him for his lecherous ways, but in the end he tries to make sure that things turn out well for everybody around him, so it is hard to be too hard on him.

In book news, this week I've been reading Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, which is basically the big book of how to run a meeting for a voluntary society, club, or business.  It's very interesting to see a general set of rules that can be adapted to many different types of organizations.  I wanted to read the book due to getting involved in my local political party, since parliamentary procedure is big part of the official meetings that we have.  In the end, it makes me wonder if I should have more structure in my day to day interactions with lots of people.  Also, I just want to start a club so that I can practice with all the finicky procedural stuff.  Does that make me too much of a nerd?

Anyway, today is my birthday! Yay! Happy Birthday to me!  Have a great week, and game on!