Best Racing Game of 2012

*Note, don't let the posted name fool you, IrishPride wrote this one*

Best racing game is one of the easiest selections we have to make here at The Gameslave.  It's not because we all easily agree on a winner, but no one here at TGS really plays racing games besides myself.  I'll be the first to admit, I'm definitely not a hard core racing gamer, but I do own a 360 steering wheel and have sunk numerous hours into past racing games.  For me, the clear cut winner for best racing game is Borderlands 2.  The cars in BL2 handle like a dream and you can launch exploding barrels, what's not to love? Our nominees are:

Forza Horizon
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Monster High: Skultimate Roller Maze (We did not play many racing games this year)
Borderlands 2

Okay, in all seriousness, the best racing game of 2012 is Forza Horizon and frankly it's not even close.

The Forza series strikes a perfect balance between real life racing simulation and arcade simulation.  I like tweaking my cars to perform better in races, but still like having the arcade feel of racing.  If I wanted true to life racing, I would go to my local race track and do it myself.  What makes Forza Horizon awesome is that it takes what made the previous Forza games great and amplifies it with open world racing.  Not only is it open world racing, it's based on the greatest state in the union, Colorado.  There are an abundant of races to partake in as well as some cool "boss battle" races where you race against airplanes, hot air balloons and other crazy vehicles.  There is also a pretty cool story that goes along with all the racing.  And hell, if you don't want to race, you don't have to.  Just take one of your exotic cars out for a spin on crisp Colorado night.