The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 97

Welcome to Episode 97 of The Gameslave Podcast. This week we have a lot more games then we normally end up talking about, and then we end on a Zelda rant. Really need to learn how to stay on topic.

Notes can be found on the podcast page.

Funniest Game of 2011

Humor can be great medicine.  If you have had a crappy day it can uplift your spirit.  It can help you realize things are not so bad. Without humor the world would be a very dull and boring place.  As a result we felt the that there should be a reward for the funniest game of 2011.  We choose from the following nominees:

Portal 2
Saints Row the Third

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Best Soundtrack of 2011

It all started as a simple midi track. Then it evolved, it became an integral part of the game, and now you can get fully developed soundtracks for games that involve several disks.  To not acknowledge that is to do the music injustice.  Our nominees for best soundtrack are:

Saints Row the Third
Assasins Creed
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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