RIP Stan Lee

Lee promoting Stan Lee's Kids Universe at the 2011  New York Comic Con  - Attribution: Luigi Novi

Lee promoting Stan Lee's Kids Universe at the 2011 New York Comic Con - Attribution: Luigi Novi

Today marks a sad day in history. At the age of 95 Stan Lee has passed away. This morning he was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead according to TMZ.

Stan Lee was a man that changed the lives of many people, and will continue to affect the world long after his passing. His work on Thor, the X-Men, Hulk and Iron Man with Jack Kirby, or Doctor Strange and Spider-Man with Steve Ditko will be long remembered cementing him in history.

Marvel and Disney both have sites up exonerating the man that made Marvel. And while his career was not free of controversy, I think it is safe to say that all fans of Marvel will mourn his loss today.

Stan Lee Coming to DCC 2016

A few years ago many of us were disappointed to hear the Stan Lee had to cancel his Denver Comic Con appearance. Well, those dark days are over and he is now scheduled to appear at DCC 2016! He will be appearing for all three days (June 17 - June 19) and will have a panel on June 18th in Main Events.

 This is actually better then the original 2013 appearance were he was only slotted for one day. This year is looking good! Excelsior!

Denver Comic Con - Bad News and Good News

Stan LeeSo we have bad news and good news. The bad news is that comic book legend Stan Lee has had to cancel his appearance at Denver Comic Con this year. He had a last minute filming conflict for one of his famous cameos that happen in all Marvel movies.  We wish him well and will miss seeing him at the convention. But I would like to know what movie we are getting stood up for.

Good news is that Denver Comic Con has already gotten a replacement guest. The original captain of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, William Shatner. This means that we are lucky enough to have two of the original cast members for Star Trek at Denver Comic Con as George Takai was already set to attend. If you were one of the lucky few to purchase the gold and silver packages to meet Stan Lee then your tickets will be applied to the new William Shatner Experience. Denver Comic Con will be announcing more details on this shortly.

William ShatnerSo does the fact that we lost Stan Lee suck? Yes, you never want to lose a guest at a convention, and the fact that this makes 2 / 2 years that Denver Comic Con lost a head liner looks rather poor. But did they do a damn good job getting a replacement? Hell yes, if someone has to follow up Stan "The Man" Lee who better then William Shatner. Now only if Leonard Nimoy could have come with him.

Stan Lee VIP Tickets On Sale Soon

As many of you know Stan Lee will be at Denver Comic Con this year (Sunday only). Now I don't think it is required to say, but Stan Lee is a very popular man. This means that it will be very difficult to actually meet Stan Lee during this one day. But if you want to be guaranteed this opportunity you will need some sort of pass. Like a Stan Lee add-on package that promises you will get to meet him. Wait! There is an add-on package to meet Stan Lee! And it even comes in a silver and gold level! Want you chance to get this once in a life time opportunity for geeks? Then on Wednesday head to when tickets for this will go on sale. Already have you Denver Comic Con tickets? Will that is why this is an add-on package. It just gets added to your existing tickets. Good luck!