The Professional Gamer - July 12, 2019

Hi all, hope you all had another good week. I spent some time this week with my friends on Deep Space Nine, but didn’t have a lot of time to do much else. I spent a lot of my free time this week catching up on weeding my garden and lawn. I had rather neglected things earlier this year. But, I know that isn’t going to be vary interesting to you, so we’ll talk about Star Trek instead. Of course, Dragon Quest Builders 2 came out on Friday, and while I’m not playing it myself, I have spent some time watching Crystal get started with it. So, maybe I can talk about that a bit too.

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The Professional Gamer - January 16, 2015

Hey everybody, the bad news this week is that I still ended up spending a huge amount of time working on that design project that I've previously mentioned.  The good news, is that the project drawings are now complete and submitted, so I should have free time this weekend (after I catch up on some of the personal life things, like car maintenance).  Anyways, here's what I was able to cram into my tight schedule this week.

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Showing that small miracles can happen, all three of use managed to get together again for a podcast. Don't expect this event again for about 3 weeks due to birthday's and Denver Comic Con. But don't dwell on that, dwell on this weeks topics of Watch_Dogs, Star Trek, and Denver Comic Con.

"Star Trek: The Next Generation" Reunion Hosted by William Shatner

Space, the final frontier (unless you count time). Now (most) the crew of the Starship Enterprise will get together again for a cast reunion. William Shatner will host a panel featuring Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Denise Crosby, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, and Marina Sirtis.

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Review - Star Trek: The Game

This review can be summed up to one sentence. I really wanted to like Star Trek The Game. As a long term trekkie I love when something new based in the Star Trek universe comes out. I have third person Trek games, first person games, encyclopedias, a voice activated omnipedia, trivia games, and turn based strategy games; most of them I really liked. So when I learned that Namco was making a Star Trek game with the Gorn as the main enemies at least E3 I was excited. To learn that they had the actors from the new series reprising their roles for voices told me that I could at least expect the acting in the game to be good. I had high hopes for this game. Too bad they were misplaced.
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