Google Zergs Their Page

Play much StarCraft in your time? I expect that answer to be yes, and that means at one point or another, you were the victim of a zerg rush. Well now you can relive those memories thanks to Google. Just go to and search for Zerg Rush. You will be attacked by red and yellow "o"'s that will destroy your search results. They will come from all over the screen and the only way to stop them is to click on them before they destroy the page. Good luck brave warrior.

And yes, I know Zerg should not be a verb, deal with it.

Blizzcon Delayed

Conventions apparently are really expensive. First you have to pay someone to do the planning, then pay for a location, and then get and pay staff to manage it. The cost and time it takes to make a good convention can add up pretty quickly and even the money printing press that is Blizzard has a budget.  Taking this into account, Blizzard has done something that they are very good at with their games; they've delayed the next BlizzCon.  They've delayed it in order to devote more time to and resources to Diablo III, Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Blizzard has decided to hold the next BlizzCon in 2013.

Personally I cannot fault them for this. They have a lot of games on their plate and I have never really given thought to going to BlizzCon anyway. What this convention delay means for me is that I will get Diablo III sooner as they can use the resources from the convention to finish it and their other upcoming games.

I can already hear some people that are disappointed about the lack of Blizzard related tournaments due to this delay. Well there is good news for you. Blizzard is going to host a 2012 World Championship in Asia later this year. Ok, so it's not too good for American gamers since it is not held within the country and it will be much more expensive to go compete in Asia then L.A., but at least it is something.

A Message from Blizzard

So I got up this morning with the intent of posting some actual content before leaving for work, somthing for you guys to peruse in the middle of the day instead of waiting till I got home.  And then I found out I really need to do more prep work if I am going to do that, so better luck next time.  But since I am up I thought I would post a link to one of Blizzards 20 Year anniversay videos.  They don't have a nice easy embed link, so I am going to point you to their site, but it is a quick message from Mike Morhaime (CEO and Co-Founder) and Frank Pearce (EVP, Product Development and Co-Founder) thanking us for our dedication.

A Message From Blizzard (Click the Pic)

StarCraft 2 - 1 Million Copies in 1 Day


You read that right.  StartCraft 2 managed to sell 1 Million copies in its first day.  Sure the second day was only a measly 500,000 copies, but that still makes it the fastest selling strategy game in history.  These numbers include releases across five continents and eleven different languages. 

I think this means that Blizzard is officially trying to steal the souls of the entire world.  Heaven help us when Diablo 3 is released.

Source: Press Release