DayZ goes Live

Fans of the popular Arma2 mod DayZ will be thrilled to hear that Day Z is officially geting its own game. Bohemia has been the green light on Steam to start selling a stand alone version of the popular game. The game is now available for $29.99 in an early access format. What does early access mean exactly? The simplest way to say it is that the game is in alpha. For thise that may not know, most early adopters find games in a nearly finished beta form where they are tweaking minor gameply elements. Alpha gameplay typically means there are major bugs in the game still and it requires a lot of testing before release. The advantage though is you get to really see the game evolve during it's development.

If you are ready to dive in then head to the DayZ Steam page and make your purchase.

This Weeks Geek - Console Wars: A New Battlefield

A new generation appears to be upon us. Nintendo is out of the gate early with a much need upgrade to its console library. Not to be outdone Microsoft and Sony are hot on their heels. Microsoft is being more closed lip about almost everything they are doing, while Sony has recently started teasing that they are going to announce something new and interesting. But what if the next generation is not all about local based consoles? What if this is all about something else? Something far more ethereal?

The console market is changing.
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The Weeks Geek - Death of Social Gaming by Social Gaming

Most people that don't actually understand gamers tend to think we are social outcasts. We sit inside all the time with little to no human contact playing our games. But they are wrong. Games, even single player ones, are a social experience. But while newer games have more social aspects to them via XBL, PSN, or Steam, it feels like they are losing their social connection.
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Conversations with IrishPride Episode 23

Curse the Steam Summer Sale!
After cranking out two CwIP's in less than a week, I seem to have taken a brief hiatus, but now return with episode 23 of Conversations with IrishPride!  Today I'm going to talk about Steam and more specifically the Summer Sale that Steam is currently running.
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Quantum Conundrum - E3 Preview

Making a good puzzle game can be difficult. First you have to figure out a good mechanic for solving the puzzles. Then you have to design puzzles that can be solved with the mechanic, offers a challenge, but does not frustrate players. Quantum Conundrum, developed by Airtight Games and published by Square Enix, has done a good job in puzzling this together. In Quantum Conundrum you have been dropped off to visit uncle, only to find him missing. He is somewhere in his house as he helps you through the game, with varying degrees of usefulness, but does not know where in his house that he actually is (it is pretty big). Well, time to save the crazy scientist.
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Portal 2 - Price Drop

Image courtesy of Steam screenshotsIf you are in the same boat Proteus and I find ourselves in concerning Portal 2, as in you don't own one of the best games of the year yet, then we're all in luck.  Portal 2 has recently seen a price drop of $20 bucks making the game now $29.99 through Steam.  We meant to do the whole pre-order thing but kinda forgot and same thing happened during Steam's Summer Sale when it was nearly 50% off, but now we can make up for it any time with this recent price drop.  We're having to be gamers on a budget here with that whole pesky home ownership stuff, but it's a worthy trade off.  For your convenience here's a handy link to Portal 2 on Steam if you are interested in purchasing it.