Best Story of 2012

A good story can transplant you to another place and time. It can take you from a dingy one room apartment to a world filled with magical creatures or to a starship speeding through the galaxy. A well told story will keep you playing a game longer than thought possible, and can make or break a series. Our choices for this are:

Halo 4
Mass Effect 3
Borderlands 2

Ready for some controversy? Despite all the hate that it received, we felt that Mass Effect 3 deserves this award. Yes, I even did a long article on the ending of the game, and did even complain a little. But it did something that so few games actually do. It ended the entire thing. There is no continuing on from here. There is no sequel for Sheppard. His story had ended, and it ended epically. For that, I still salute BioWare for what they did and support their decisions.

Story Driven Video Games: My New Love

Hey everyone, IrishPride here talking a bit about video games that provide a deep engaging story and how they have revolutionized my overall gaming experience. After beating Dragon Age: Origins the other week and recently playing the crap out of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, I decided to do a quick write-up about video games that are story driven and how I completely fell in love with them...
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