Blizzard Supports "Make a Wish" with a Fel Kitten

Every so often (probably more than I think), Blizzard comes up with a new pet that they sell in order to benefit charities. And this year they have created a new being of pure evil and chaos to fill your stocking with, Mischief the Fel Kitten. Now normally I would have probably been pretty lazy and just let this pass without writing about it, again. But this year I really like the way they are doing it. First you have the digital version of Mischief, which is pretty normal. But now their is also a plush version. So you can pick one for your character or one for the stocking, or both. Just keep in mind you only have until the end of the year to snag one.

Ah, I also can't forget the wonderful video Blizzard made to push this little cat. It calls back to my child in a way I think many of you will recognize.