It has been quite sure time since I have done one of these, so here is a quick disclaimer. SPOILER ALERT! The following article contains the end of the game TOMB RAIDER. If you don't wish to have the end of the game's story ruined for you then stop now and proceed only one you have beat the game. Otherwise continue on and discuss with me how the story ends.
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Tomb Raider - Review (Single Player)

Every story has a beginning. Every person has a moment that defines who they are. The question is how will you let such events change you? That is the focus of Tomb Raider. What starts as a journey to find a missing island turns into an ordeal that shapes Lara Croft from a green archeologist into a fearless adventurer.

All Stories Have a Beginning

Lara Croft has ventured all over the world in search of ancient treasures. She has been to Nevada, Egypt, Atlantis, Tibet and the Arctic Sea. She has fought beings with power beyond that of mortal understanding. But what makes a person capable of such feats? Where does one get the strength of will to keep going against odds that would make a lesser, and arguably saner, person run?

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TOMB RAIDER's Final Hours

For those of you that are fans of documentaries Crystal Dynamics has announced that they are going to do a "fly on the wall" documentary of the final hours of TOMB RAIDER's creation. Traditionally the "Final Hours" series created by Geoff Keighley have been interactive apps for iPad and PC. This time they are expanding it by adding a video component that will be produced by Geoff and hosted by Zachary Levi. The first of the series is now live and will have additional videos joining it in coming weeks.