The Last of Us - Review

We all know Naughty Dog for their stellar Uncharted series, in which I personally love.  Now, we have their newest game in The Last of Us, which has been receiving very high praise amongst numerous outlets in the videogame industry.  Is The Last of Us truly a masterpiece as it is being claimed or is it one of the more overhyped games of our generation?  Read on to find out.  
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The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 152

I am survived E3 and the following week of catch up at work. We had a large group for this podcast as guests RockiesMagicNumber, AngiChan, and Hummingbird were all present and putting in their two cents. As a result I apologize for the sound issues on this one.

Sparse notes can be found on this page.

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog's newest creation, The Last of Us is set to come out right in the middle of E3 on June 14th. First time I saw it I could have sworn it was a new Uncharted game, but no. This game shows what would really happen in an apocalypse. People will do what it takes to survive, morals be damned.