Last Years Geek - A Review From Laziness

2015 has come and gone and with it a number of experiences. And since I have been sparse in my writing as of late I am going to start 2016 with a recap of my 2015.  

Movies (Possible Spoilers)

Movies for geeks have been releasing in larger and larger quantities each year. Marvel has moved forward with their grand cinematic plan keeping us wanting more and more. 2015 saw the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man in which the close of Marvel's Phase 2 plan happened. In Age of Ultron we were introduced to not one, but two of the Infinity Stones and seen some forward movement in Thano's plan to rule the universe. Then in Ant-Man we were introduced to the newest non-shield superhero to enter the Marvel landscape. Both movies were great experiences and a ton of fun.

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This Weeks Geek - Remastered

Welcome to a remastered version of This Weeks Geek! In this edition you will get almost the exact same thing you normally get, but in an HD text format! OK, that is all a lie, but it brings me into what something that is becoming more relevant in video games, taking a popular game from an older console and remaking it for the new generation. We have seen this with HaloKingdom Hearts and now The Last of Us. But is this really something we want, or is it just a cheap(ish) way to make us buy the same game twice?

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This Weeks Geek - Is Magic Incompatible with Video Games?

Magic, it is a wondrous thing that allows the impossible to happen. Flying carpets, repairing broken items in an instant and making games such as quidditch. But in a world where magic is fully accessible by everyone, in a world where magic makes everyone's lives easier, would we have video games?

For this discussion I am going to mainly refer to the world of Harry Potter and how things are in Hogwarts compared to the muggle world. I will not be including the things that appear to be a direct byproduct of wizard / muggle interaction such as magical vehicles.

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This Weeks Geek - Console Wars: A New Battlefield

A new generation appears to be upon us. Nintendo is out of the gate early with a much need upgrade to its console library. Not to be outdone Microsoft and Sony are hot on their heels. Microsoft is being more closed lip about almost everything they are doing, while Sony has recently started teasing that they are going to announce something new and interesting. But what if the next generation is not all about local based consoles? What if this is all about something else? Something far more ethereal?

The console market is changing.
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This Weeks Geek - The Little Things

Games are huge endeavors. When someone goes to create a game, whether it be an indie or AAA title, there is a huge amount of work that goes into it. From the initial gameplay mechanics to the story. But after all that work a game is going to seem similar to something else. Sure there are ways to get around this. The way that this is most often done is by reinventing at least one game element that has become so common no one even gives it a second glance. Now I could take the article in the direction that involves a number of games that changed just one thing or used controls in such a way that made what would have been a mediocre game into a truly great thing.  But I have been playing a bunch of Guild Wars 2 as of late so I am going to talk about a few of the mechanics implemented or changed that set it apart as an MMO and make it a different experience.
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This Weeks Geek - End of Year

Yes, we are still alive over hear at Gameslave HQ, and we even managed to survive the holidays. So now that the chaos is mostly over I have taken a few moments to collect my thoughts about 2012. This has been a good year for gaming. We have had some great games and some fun controversies (as fun as they could be). Unfortunately we have also some of the most ridiculous things from people that just don't know better. What were some of my favorites this year? Well hold your horses and I will tell you.
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This Weeks Geek - Time or Money

Curse you video game industry. The majority of your blockbuster hits all seem to come out around the same time. I know that the holiday season is important to make sales, but would it be possible to spread things out a little more? I am still working on Borderlands 2 and Fable: The Journey. Then Assassin's Creed III just came out last week which I have barley played. Now Halo 4 comes out tomorrow, which due to the fantastic job Microsoft did with Forward Unto Dawn mini series I am actually more excited about then I was before. I don't have the time to get and play all these great games.
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This Weeks Geek - The Assassins

Quiet, unassuming, deadly. These are the traits of a master assassin. They can blend in with a crowd, disappear into the shadows, kill a target without being spotted and then disappear without a trace. But why does one become an assassin? Is it for revenge? Are they born into it? Or is it something more? With the wealth of assassin based games that are coming out this season I felt now would be a great chance to look into this dark and seedy underworld. 
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