Star Fox Zero Launches in November

It has been many years since since we have had a new Star Fox game. The last new one I played was Star Fox Adventures for the Gamecube, so you can imagine I have been waiting for a new game for quite some time. Sure there was Star Fox 64 3D, but that was not a  new game, just a well done remake. Well then good news for me and people like me then, because November 20th marks the day that Star Fox Zero will be released in Europe and North America for the Wii U. I look forward to doing lots and lots of barrel rolls then!

EarthBound Lives!

That is correct ladies and gentleman! If you will so kindly turn your attention to your Wii U eShop then you will find, for the low price of $9.99, EarthBound. After the long, long, long wait your hopes and dreams of come true!

Are you already on your Wii U downloading it?  Then there is no point to me typing this huh? Can't say I fault you; Enjoy!

New Wii U Bundle Coming Soon

Good things come for those who wait.Are you still on the fence about buying the newest Nintendo console?  Well, Nintendo hopes to help make your decision in their favor with a new Wii U bundle available Sunday February 17th.  The exclusive bundle entitled, The Wii U ZombiU Deluxe Set, will include a Deluxe Wii U (32GB), a Pro Controller, a copy of ZombiU with an art book and developer commentary, a download of Nintendo Land and enrollment in the Deluxe Digital Promotion.  The MSRP for the new bundle is $390.  Since launching last November, Nintendo has sold 3 million Wii U units.  I can only imagine Nintendo is trying to attract gamers to their system before the potential unveiling of both the PS3 and XBOX 360 successors in the coming weeks.  Will you be going out and purchasing this new bundle, are you still hesitant on shelling out your hard earned money on a system that is losing exclusive rights to video games (Rayman Legends), or are you content without having the Wii U in your collection?