It Pays to Pay Attention

So you may have heard of the kid that informed the Blizzard staff at BlizzCon that they are neglecting their own cannon by letting them know they have left out a key character out of the Wildhammer Clan.  No?  You don't know him.  Well watch this video then.



Ok, you are all caught up then.  Well Blizzard has formed an official reponse to this guy.  They added him to the game.  He is now the Wildhammer Fact Checker.  Wearing the red shirt next to the man he said did not exist, which was true until now.  So I guess if you want to get your own NPC in a Blizzard game you need to call them out in what will turn out to be a viral video.

Also if you feel like mocking this guy for the voice he used.  Check out the response video he posted.