World of Goo - Continuing to consume free time

So you remember World of Goo right? The addictive tower building game that came out waaaayyy back in October 2008. It was one of the most pirated games of its day and did not get near the amount of money per unit that it should have, due to a pay what you think it is worth pricing model (cheap bastards that spent a $0.01). Still not ringing any bells? Ok it was about a bunch of goo balls (didn't figure that one out huh?) that you used to build a tower to a pipe to collect said goo. Well it is coming to iOS for an astounding $2.99.  So now you can build your goo based towers anywhere! But it gets better, if you are attentive and manage to purchase it on release day you will save $2.00 as it will be $0.99. The catch on this is, sadly, I don't know the relase date yet. So keep an eye out and save that $2.00.

Now don't go and get bent out of shape iPad owners that have World of Goo HD. Your copy is being made universal so if you have already purchased it for your iPad then you already have it for your iPhone/iPod. You just have to wait for it to come out.