Blizzard Supports "Make a Wish" with a Fel Kitten

Every so often (probably more than I think), Blizzard comes up with a new pet that they sell in order to benefit charities. And this year they have created a new being of pure evil and chaos to fill your stocking with, Mischief the Fel Kitten. Now normally I would have probably been pretty lazy and just let this pass without writing about it, again. But this year I really like the way they are doing it. First you have the digital version of Mischief, which is pretty normal. But now their is also a plush version. So you can pick one for your character or one for the stocking, or both. Just keep in mind you only have until the end of the year to snag one.

Ah, I also can't forget the wonderful video Blizzard made to push this little cat. It calls back to my child in a way I think many of you will recognize.

10 Years of WoW

A decade is a long time for anything to last. Most things start to fade at the 4 year mark. While not completely forgetting these things do tend to wane in popularity. Therefore for World of Warcraft to still have 7.4 million subscribers (source) after 10 years is pretty amazing. In order celebrate this a new documentary called "World of Warcraft: Looking for Group Documentary" was recently released. Here they talk about the inception of MMO's that spawned the idea of WoW, the pitfalls they ran into, and what they do to try and please the players. It is just over an hour, but is pretty entertaining.

Blizzcon Delayed

Conventions apparently are really expensive. First you have to pay someone to do the planning, then pay for a location, and then get and pay staff to manage it. The cost and time it takes to make a good convention can add up pretty quickly and even the money printing press that is Blizzard has a budget.  Taking this into account, Blizzard has done something that they are very good at with their games; they've delayed the next BlizzCon.  They've delayed it in order to devote more time to and resources to Diablo III, Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Blizzard has decided to hold the next BlizzCon in 2013.

Personally I cannot fault them for this. They have a lot of games on their plate and I have never really given thought to going to BlizzCon anyway. What this convention delay means for me is that I will get Diablo III sooner as they can use the resources from the convention to finish it and their other upcoming games.

I can already hear some people that are disappointed about the lack of Blizzard related tournaments due to this delay. Well there is good news for you. Blizzard is going to host a 2012 World Championship in Asia later this year. Ok, so it's not too good for American gamers since it is not held within the country and it will be much more expensive to go compete in Asia then L.A., but at least it is something.

Wowcrack free for 20 Levels

Wow, to think that 6 years ago a 10 day trial of a 60 day MMO was all it took to get people's opinions.  But now in a world of free-to-play MMOs a company that expects your money every month has to work harder to get your loyalty.  To do this World of Warcraft has extended the old 10 or 14 day free trial to an unlimited trial that allows you to get to level 20 without dropping a dime in their pockets. This means that you can get a mount while not paying for the game as well as experience a dungeon.  Heck if you are persistent you can even explore the WHOLE WORLD (minus Northrend)!

In addition to this people that have been with WoW for a long time (they defined it as Veteran Players) have been given a free copy of Vanilla WoW to give out. Will this be enough to stay the slow disintegration of their player base, or are they still screwed after 7+ years of gaming?  Only time will tell, unless the Bronze Dragonflight speaks up.

The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 72

I have successfully completed another episode of The Gameslave Podcast. I talk of OnLive giving stuff away, Blizzard donations and Angry Birds. And apparently I started making up words during part of the podcast and had some very poor grammar skills, please forgive (or not). Also there is no PSN talk in this podcast, I am tired of it by now.

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