Microsoft boosts Xbox One graphics performance

Since E3, Microsoft and the Xbox One has been talked about a lot; not about how amazing their console was but how the power compared to the PS4 was not up to par. People have been saying that the PS4 is 50% more powerful when it comes to raw graphics. Well today gamers and put a little simile on their faces because it was announced that Microsoft, was able to increase their GPU clock speed as they get closer to launch. Let’s Talk...


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Xbox One GPU Clock Speed Increase, RAM Upgrade

Microsoft has been willing to act quickly on the feedback that they were given for the Xbox One. When people were getting upset and angry about the DRM polices and the internet connection policy, Microsoft dropped the policies for both and promise for a more open system. Now that is out the way there is one major issue that the PS4 has over the Xbox One and that my friends is the hardware specs... Let’s Talk

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Xbox One Will Not Include A Headset

When Microsoft came clean about how their DRM polices two weeks ago, people were outraged. Many fans of the popular Xbox 360 threating to switch over to the PlayStation 4 because of Xbox One. Now go forward a week or so ago and now due to all the backlash of the customers and media, Microsoft did a complete 180 on their DRM polices. Which are now the same as PlayStation 4; on how you can play used games and trade in your games to third party stores like Amazon, GameStop and BestBuy.  Now that the Xbox one is on the same level (DRM Policies) wise, fans seem to be happier and not so remorse full about getting the Xbox One. Now all of a sudden Microsoft announced that their new next generation console will not ship with a Headset…. Wait… What???

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Xbox One Reveal

So I present to you my first attempt at live blogging an event. You may notice a break in times. The place streaming it had some issues with the Xbox and Kinect so I used my laptop as an emergency presentation computer so we could still watch. All times are in PT.

10:00 AM - The show begins.

10:02 AM - We are seeing a bunch of popular people talking about us and making the console more. 

10:03 AM - Downside of watching the Xbox reveal on an Xbox with Kinect, it tries to activate some times.

10:04 AM - They are talking about the introduction of Xbox Live, HD gameing, and Kincect.

10:06 AM - They are talking about simplifing the home entertainment system.

10:12 AM - They are talking about a Kinect and voice integration on the system. Using hand motions to control access to the home screen and not lose what you are seeing.

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Xbox "Insert name here" Won't Need an Always On Network Connection

Yes folks, despite what a number of people have said, the next iteration of the Xbox will not require you to have a constantly active Internet connection. You will still be able play a Blu-ray, watch live TV, and play single player games while you are off the grid. There is still some controversy on if you will need a connection to setup the game for its inaugural run (much like how Steam works). But at least we will be able to play solo when the Comcast (or whomever your provider is) goes done for maintenance.