Young Justice: Legacy - Creator Interview / Preview

"Young Justice", the Cartoon Network TV series about the younger DC heroes, is getting its own game. This game is 100% canon with the TV series. To get more on this we sat down with the creators of Young Justice for details on how this will work.

First a little background on the series. "Young Justice" has reached the second season, and if you are following it you may have noticed their was a five year gap between season one and season two. A lot changed during that gap. Artimis and Kid Flash both left the super hero life style, Beast Boy and Blue Beetle joined the team, and Aqualad turned to the dark side and works for Black Manta, his father, now. But how did this all happen? When Little Orbit (the studio making the game) approached the creators they decided the game would be the perfect way to tell how what happened. The game focuses on what is initially a search for a missing archeologist, but turns into something much bigger. The mission takes team members to locations such as Greece and Siberia for this major event, and eventually involves members of the Justice League.

The creators of Young Justice (the TV Show).This game has been in production since October and is going to play a little like "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" where you choose your team and level them up. This allows you to fell as if you are growing them into the heroes you see in "Young Justice: Invasion". Robin (Dick Grayson) becomes Nightwing and Robin (Tim Drake) is introduced as an example. As you play this, you form these characters into what you see in the show. The game overall will have 12 playable heroes. They are Nightwing, Superboy, Miss Martian, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Artimis, Zataana, Beast Boy, Tempest, Robin (Tim Drake), Rocket and Batgirl. Together the will have to defeat 12 villains. The tag line for the game is "One will rise. One will fall. One will die". Given the series will see Dick Grayson rise to Nightwing, Aqualad fall, but the death is a mystery to me. I can guess that it may be Zatanna since I have not seen her in the series, but that is just a guess. Look for more on the game at

Edit: Looks like I was wrong about who will die, the mystery is still alive! Thanks commenters!