Summit on Anime in North America (SANA) Contest

Anime, it is a pretty big deal here in North America. We have a big (and mostly accepted) fan base. We have large corporations that deal in only anime. We even have conventions of all shapes and sizes that cater to the different fandoms of anime. But why is it so popular here? Why do we flock to it? Japan wants to find out.
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The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 101

OK, we are past 100 and now well on our way. Today we are rather anime heavy and what games we do speak of are sci-fi.  Hope you enjoy.

Also the contest for 3 months of Xbox Live is still active until 03/04/2012. Listen for details.

Notes are yonder.

The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 94

Welcome to the last podcast of the year, and as a present from us to you we are giving away Fable III. Listen to the podcast for how to win this, and maybe another prize if we have enough entries.  So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Notes as usual are on the podcast page.

The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 88

We are back in the grove. We come back with a not only another full episode, but all three of us are together again. We have a new contest in this podcast. How did you zombie plan turn out this year? Did you survive?

The notes are yonder.

Episode 88