Colorado Anime Fest, 2016 - Year One

Debuting in the Colorado convention scene this year is the Colorado Anime Fest, a new anime oriented event organized by Corey Wood and William Foss with help from numerous veteran convention staff.  Knowing this, all of us here at the Gameslave had high hopes for this convention.  We were not disappointed.  The convention organization and programming were both really great.  The contrast between a small, first year convention and the huge, established conventions that I have typically attending for the past few years is astounding.  I think I had forgotten what it is like to be able to move around a hotel with ease, attend panels without waiting in lines, and generally have a good relaxing time with other fans.

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First Round of Guests Announced FOR NDK

Nan Desu Kan (NDK) has announced their first round of guests for their convention this fall.  You can read all about it here.  I, for one, look forward to talking with Taliesin Jaffe again.  Do you have any favorites that you'd like us to talk to?

Nan Desu Kan is Almost Here

NDK arrives this Friday at the DTC Marriott. For those that attend the convention each year you know what that means. But what if you have never been to the largest anime convention in the Rocky Mountain Region? What if you just never had the time to get down there? Then you my friend have been missing out on one of the best conventions Denver has to offer for the geeky minded.
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CutthroatCon 2013

Looking for something to do this weekend? Want to get out and feel social in real life instead of just through a microphone? Then have I got news for you! CutthroatCon 2013 sponsored by Colorado Cutthroat Connection and NVGA (National Video Game Association) is back for its third year. Located at the Tivoli in Downtown Denver (across from the Pepsi Center).  It runs from August 2nd at 7:00 PM to August 3rd until around 11:00 PM. Head over here to see a full schedule of what they having going this weekend.

The Need for Anit-Harassement Policies

While browsing through my RSS feeds today, I came upon this great article about cons and harassment. Before you read the rest of my comments, have a look at the original article on  Here's a brief excerpt of one of the key points:

Conventions need anti-harassment policies. Not because convention attendees are disproportionately boorish or creepy–they’re really not–or because of social obliviousness. Rather, the difficulty lies in the very thing that makes conventions conventions: the social phenomena that come into play whenever humans gather in large groups.

I have to agree with the author whole-heartedly.  I have not personally been a victim of harassment at a convention, but have been witness to various creephats.  When I was in that situation, I behaved much as Ms. Edidin described.  Because there was not a well worded anti-harassment policy, I did not feel either empowered or obligated to bring the offensive behavior to the attention of convention staff.

I know that I will be contacting the conventions that I regularly attend to ask if they can update their anti-harassment policies to include both the bans on harassement and the appropriate response from witness.  What are your thoughts?  Share you comments or stories in the comments section below.

Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown and Arcade Expo

Do you like pinball machines? How about classic arcade machines? The the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown and Gameroom Expo is where you want to be April 26 - April 28 at the Sheraton in the Denver Tech Center.  There they will have 125 pinball and arcade machines that are all set to free play. That means you don't need to drop a single quarter in any machine to play it.

Now you might say that 3 days is more then enough to play a few games, but you would be wrong! There is more to this then just chilling and playing a few games. There are a number of tournaments happening all weekend. Classic solid, parent-kid, quick draw, electro-mechinical, classic electro-mechanical, team, kid's, open, womans and finally Flytrap video game tournaments are happening through the week. For schedules and entry fees see In addition there will be PinChat seminars and a few movie screenings.

We are going to be covering the expo for the weekend so we hope to see you there.

Animeland Wasabi - Impressions

Ladies and gentleman, as many of you now I was at Animeland Wasabi between March 1st and March 3rd. What many of don't know is that I was not along. I had a few friends helping cover the con. Here are their impressions of this years convention.

Animeland Wasabi - Year 5

On March 1, Animeland Wasabi started their 5th year running in Colorado. Below are a compilation of notes I had taken while at the convention, after the convention, and setup in a cleaner, easier to read manner than my random notes.

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