Overwatch Uprising Event has Started

Overwatch has started a new seasonal event called "Overwatch Uprising". Taking place before the fall of Overwatch this event takes place on Kings Row during an Omnic uprising. You can read the primer to the event in the most recent comic here. From the looks of the trailer this looks very akin to the Junkenstein's Monster event from Halloween. Here is the teaser for the event.

So there you have it. So you have until May 1st to get your fill of this event, so get to it!. The world could always use more heroes.

Pokémon GO - Halloween Special

Last night you may have noticed that Pokémon GO updated their loading screen. Gone is the Gyarados, and now you have Gengar ready to spring on you. And with this change comes an event! For the next week you will see an increase in ghost types spawning, meaning Gastly, Haunger, and Gengar will start showing up more often. You will also be seeing double candy from pokémon you catch and sent to the professor! Enjoy this short event while you can folks.