The 2D Option

Today Nintendo dropped an unexpected bomb. Instead of another iteration of the 3DS (like a 3DS Lite) they announced the 2DS. Yes, they have decided to go back to not hurting your eyes when trying to watch your friend play a game. No big surprise there, but what is odd is they have gone back to the slate design of gameboys past. The system is also going to be cheaper than the normal 3DS by $40. This lands it at $129.99 when it launches on 10/12/2013. So what does this tell us?

It tells us that it is made for a younger audience. The lack of hinge makes it a bit hardier and since it is only a 2D unit Nintendo can remove that warning label about eyesight for kids 6 and younger. The price also makes it more affordable for a families that may have been on the fence for a near $200 system.

This leaves one final question: is this system needed? Honestly, no it is not. But in all honestly, video games are not needed, but we want them. There are there going to be people that want this system. They may not be the core audience, but Nintendo has done OK looking beyond that core. And while I most likely will not purchase one, I do look forward to getting my hands on one of these, just out of curiosity.

Now the USA gets the Love

So it was announced this morning that the US is going to get the limited edition Legend of Zelda 3DS bundle starting November 24th for $199. In addition to this we are alao getting a Super Mario Bros version to pick from. That is right, we get not one but two options to waste our hard earned money. Images of the systems will follow later, but which system do you prefer?