N64oid, N64 Emulator for Android

So yongzh has created yet another video game emulation app for the Android.  This is a not big deal given the devloper's history doing Game Boy, NES, SNES, Gensis, etc apps for the Android.  This N64 version though has a nice addition to it.  You are not limited to your Android onscreen controls or using the keyboard.  You can link up a wii-mote and nunchuck should you have one to  your phone for game control. This means you are free to play your games without your thumbs in the way.  Check out the video for a preview of this:

You can get the app on the android market for $5.99, and while the emulator is not perfect (creators words) it does have a nice gimick that would be nice to see ported to other emulators (use a PS3 controller maybe).