The Professional Gamer - June 6, 2014

Hello Readers! Today is my birthday and I am old. Old as balls. But I'm still doing geeky things on a regular basis. Read on to learn what I'm doing this week.

Reading: I finished reading through The Hobbit today and started reading The Lord of the Rings. I still get choked up a little during the death of Thorin. Finishing one of Tolkien's books always leaves me feeling very satisfied, as though I have just eaten a filling and well-balanced meal. Onward I go through the quest to destroy the Ring.

Watching: This week we have been watching more of the original Star Trek. So far we have only watched the pilot ("The Cage") and the first episode ("The Man Trap"). So far I am enjoying it in spite of the sometimes cheesy effects.

Playing: In the same vein as Star Trek: The Original Series, I've reinstalled Star Trek Online. At this point, it has been so long since I played last, that I decided to start a new character so that I can go through the tutorial mode again. Currently I'm still stuck in my starter ship, but I'm making good progress. At this point, I'm not sure why I quit playing several years ago. I'm sure I'll be reminded as I continue playing.

That's all I have to discuss this week. We are counting down the days until Denver Comic Con starts. Come see us at booth D43 in Artist Valley; we have lots of great stuff for sale. Have a great week and game on!