The Last of Us - Review

We all know Naughty Dog for their stellar Uncharted series, in which I personally love.  Now, we have their newest game in The Last of Us, which has been receiving very high praise amongst numerous outlets in the videogame industry.  Is The Last of Us truly a masterpiece as it is being claimed or is it one of the more overhyped games of our generation?  Read on to find out.  
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Playstation 4 to Be Releaved Feb 20?

In case you have been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, Sony just announced a live event for the public on February 20, 2013. Could this be an indication of the long awaited PlayStation 4? The PS4 was told to be revealed at E3 2013, but looks like we might be getting a sneak preview of the new console earlier.

            “Wall Street Journal reports that this event is going to be about the PlayStation 4and indeed will be revealed”.

            So I we have about 3 weeks to go for this event, you excited? Below is a video teaser of event on what Sony is planning.

 Sony CEO Kaz Hirai had indicated that the PlayStation 4 might not be as ready to launch right along with the highly anticipated Xbox 720, code name Durango. I guess we will have to wait and see.


- Phantom Out

Ohio State University Marching Band Games Tribute

While looking around on the internets, I came across this video from a recent half-time performance from the Ohio State University Marching Band.  Being a former band geek and knowing that IrishPride is still a band geek, I thought that him and others would get a kick out of this video.  The band has some amazing timing and choreography along with classic video game tunes (except for one).  Good job guys!


World of Goo - Continuing to consume free time

So you remember World of Goo right? The addictive tower building game that came out waaaayyy back in October 2008. It was one of the most pirated games of its day and did not get near the amount of money per unit that it should have, due to a pay what you think it is worth pricing model (cheap bastards that spent a $0.01). Still not ringing any bells? Ok it was about a bunch of goo balls (didn't figure that one out huh?) that you used to build a tower to a pipe to collect said goo. Well it is coming to iOS for an astounding $2.99.  So now you can build your goo based towers anywhere! But it gets better, if you are attentive and manage to purchase it on release day you will save $2.00 as it will be $0.99. The catch on this is, sadly, I don't know the relase date yet. So keep an eye out and save that $2.00.

Now don't go and get bent out of shape iPad owners that have World of Goo HD. Your copy is being made universal so if you have already purchased it for your iPad then you already have it for your iPhone/iPod. You just have to wait for it to come out.

Pokémon PSA

Do you like to capture Pokémon?  Do you enjoy traveling across the country so you can enslave sentient creatures and then force them to fight while you stay on the sidelines yelling out commands?  Do you enjoy forcing a fellow breathing and living being to an early grave?  If so you are an evil evil person, and the following PSA agrees.  Lets hope you mend your ways and set free your slaves before it is too late and you end up in a level of hell that forces you to be a Pokémon in an eternal losing battle.

Winter-een-mas Comes

You heard me, Winter-een-mas is upon us.  For those of you that do not know what Winter-een-mas is the explanation is simple.  It is a 1 week long celebration from January 25th - 31st of all that is gaming. The holiday was invented in the comic Ctrl+Alt+Del.  With its creation so where created the Spirits of Gaming.  The Spirit of Action and Adventure, the Spirit of FPS, the Spirit of Fighters, the RTS Spirit, the Racing Spirit, the RPG Vixen and lastly the Sports Spirit (all introduced here).  Since the creation of this pixel laden week it has started to take on a life of its own.  So much the creator has started to let people do their own thing with it and not push it near as much as when he setup this site.  Now many of you may wonder why should you care about Winter-een-mas (which probably could have used a better name honestly), beyond an great excuse to play video games for a week straight as a celebration.

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Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks-DS Review

Zelda with Link riding the Spirit TrainI wish I had started playing this game sooner!  A review on the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS.  I had received this game from IrishPride for Christmas, but since I was still abroad at the time and coming home in about 5 months, we decided that I would just get the game when I finally got State side.  

Well I got State side, got the game and then let it set for the past 3 months on my nightstand.  I finally decided that I really should play the game and see what it was all about and I'm very glad I did.  As I stated before I should have started this game when I first got it!  I'm over half way as far as general game play is concerned and I can't wait to finish it.  

So this is a game that has me enthralled and wanting to complete it which is something that has happened for awhile, so I insist on you checking it out!