The Gameslave Podcast: Episode 205

Spring is in the air, Crystal has a new scanner, Chris is still moving into his house, and Jim is working overtime.  This discussion on some cool Kickstarter projects and the (speculative) future of video game consoles is brought to you by our busy lives.

  • Blackhole - A graphic novel
  • Poorcraft and Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here
  • Chainmail Bikini Anthology: Woman in Video Games - Kickstarter
  • Crystal has a new scanner. It's huge!
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majoras's Mask
  • Escaflowne (Crystal's retro anime of the week)
  • Who would we like to see come to NDK this year?
  • The Future of Consoles, in which Jim suggests that Nintendo fully merge the 3DS and WiiU products.