The Gameslave Podcast - Media Localization Panel

The Gameslave Podcast - Media Localization Panel

Starting this week, we will be presenting a series of panels that were recorded at Nan Desu Kan, 2019. This first episode presents a panel about localization with Teca and Lauren Scanlan, who has worked for Kodansha Comics. They discussed the primary tasks that are typical of a localization effort, including licensing, translating, and production; and they answered some audience questions. Unfortunately, the microphone had trouble picking up the audience, so you may not be able to understand all of their questions. I hope you enjoy the podcast anyways.

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The Gameslave Podcast - Dante Basco Interview

An interview with Dante Basco, recorded at Nan Desu Kan 2019. Dante is best known as Rufio in Hook and Prince Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender. I enjoyed talking to his thoughts on acting and becoming a role model and influence for those younger than him.

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The Gameslave Podcast - Erica Mendez Interview

Today, we have an interview with Erica Mendez, recorded and Nan Desu Kan 2019. Erika is best known as Ryuko in Kill la Kill, Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon, and Gon in Hunter x Hunter. She also voices Akko in Little Witch Academia and Retsuko in Aggretsuko. I enjoyed talking to Erica about meeting Megumi Han, the original Japanese voice of both Gon and Akko. We also talked about fan feedback and how that has changed in the era of simuldubs. We hope you enjoy this podcast.

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The Gameslave Podcast - Jerry Jewell Interview

This episode features a press conference style interview of Jerry Jewell, recorded and Nan Desu Kan 2019. Jerry is best known as Viktor in Yuri on Ice, Kyo in Fruits Basket, and Barry the Chopper in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I enjoyed talking to Jerry about imposter syndrome and revisiting past characters. I hope you enjoy listening.

The Gameslave Podcast - Lex Lang Press Conference

We recorded a press conference with Lex Lang at Nan Desu Kan. Lex has voiced about a million iterations of Soldier B, Goemon in Lupin the Third, Dr. Doom in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Fire Lord Sozin in Avatar the Last Airbender. Please enjoy the podcast!

The Gameslave Podcast - Sandy Fox Press Conference

The next in our series of NDK 22 press conferences is Sandy Fox. She tends to voice the cute girl characters like Chibi-Usa in Sailor Moon and Tachikomo in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Enjoy!

The Gameslave Podcast - Zach Aguilar Interview

We interviewed Zach Aguilar at NDK 2018 and discussed how he started voice acting as well as his hopes for the future.