The Gameslave Podcast - Lex Lang Press Conference

We recorded a press conference with Lex Lang at Nan Desu Kan. Lex has voiced about a million iterations of Soldier B, Goemon in Lupin the Third, Dr. Doom in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Fire Lord Sozin in Avatar the Last Airbender. Please enjoy the podcast!

The Gameslave Podcast - Sandy Fox Press Conference

The next in our series of NDK 22 press conferences is Sandy Fox. She tends to voice the cute girl characters like Chibi-Usa in Sailor Moon and Tachikomo in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Enjoy!

The Gameslave Podcast - Zach Aguilar Interview

We interviewed Zach Aguilar at NDK 2018 and discussed how he started voice acting as well as his hopes for the future.

The Gameslave Podcast - Dr. Ian Condry on the Soul of Anime

Another recording from NDK 2014. This one featuring Ian Condry on the Soul of Anime. Dr. Coundry is a cultural anthropologist and associate professor of Comparative Media Studies at MIT. He has done fieldwork research in Tokyo's anime studios which has included interviews with creators, merchandisers, and fans. His book, The Soul of Anime: Collaborative Creativity and Japan's Media Success Story (Experimental Futures), can be found on Amazon.


The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 193

NDK has come and gone, and we finally had a chance to decompress from the event. Now to review what happened over the past week.

Localizing Anime (slang)
      The Devil is a Part Timer  - Unico
      School Rumble - Kapa / Rain coat
Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
Smash Bros Demo