The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 72

I have successfully completed another episode of The Gameslave Podcast. I talk of OnLive giving stuff away, Blizzard donations and Angry birds. And apparently I started making up words during part of the podcast and had some very poor grammar skills, please forgive (or not). Also there is no PSN talk in this podcast, I am tired of it by now.

Download Link

Blizzard + Make-A-Wish
Angry Birds on Chrome Web Store

OnLive - Just giving away those Micro consoles
Soul Calibur V - Coming to a system near you (unless you only have the Wii)

The Gameslave Podcast EP: 48

We are at Episode 48 of The Gameslave Podcast.

Today we have a number of great things (or so I would like you to believe) for you to check out.  So have a listen and enjoy what we have for you this week.

Starcraft II - Heart of the Swarm in 2012 (maybe)

Kinect Prototype costed $30,000

Tribes MMO

Yes, more WoW

Kaze no Stigma