Star Fox Zero Launches in November

It has been many years since since we have had a new Star Fox game. The last new one I played was Star Fox Adventures for the Gamecube, so you can imagine I have been waiting for a new game for quite some time. Sure there was Star Fox 64 3D, but that was not a  new game, just a well done remake. Well then good news for me and people like me then, because November 20th marks the day that Star Fox Zero will be released in Europe and North America for the Wii U. I look forward to doing lots and lots of barrel rolls then!

The Professional Gamer - August 24, 2015

I hope everyone is ready for another week at work (at least for those of us who have landed on the Monday through Friday schedule).  I know that I am.  The weekend was spent backpacking with my buddy.  But, you all came here to read about geeky activities, not about walking around under the Yellow Face.  Read on to find out how I spent my time this week.

Reading: Again, reading has generally taken a backseat to most other activities this week.  While I am away in the woods, I'm planning to read at least another volume of Pretty Guardian: Sailor Moon, but I will leave that discussion until next week.

Playing: I've split my gaming time this week between playing Hyrule Warriors with Crystal and Elite: Dangerous on my own.  In Elite, I just purchased a new ship.  I opted for the Hauler, which many fan have dubbed the space van.  It may not be exciting to fly, but I'm hoping it can make me some cash via trading.

Watching: Doctor Who continues to be the viewing choice at my house.  I recently watch "Mummy on the Orient Express", and I have to say that it is my favorite episode so far this season.  Although the Doctor is still acting like a blowhard, we at least see some reason for it in this episode.  And maybe we understand a bit better why Clara is willing to endure his barbs so that she can participate in the adventures.  The pacing of this episode was also better than the last few have been.  I hope this episode marks a turning point for the season, and that we get some more great episodes out of it.

Farewell for another week.  Keep up with you geekiness, and I will do the same.  Have a great week, and Game On!  

Have you looked at the guest list for Nan Desu Kan recently?  I believe NDK is going to supply us with a good mix of older and newer guests.  From the former column: Lisa Ortiz.  And from the later: Robbie Daymond.  Don't know about the rest of you, but I'm excited for this convention.  

We also have a bunch of friends who will be in Artist's Alley.  You should go check them all out and exchange your monies for delicious comics.

The Frieza Force - Now Recruiting

Are you tired of the so called "good" guys always winning? Do you believe that things can only get done with an iron fist and the threat of planetary destruction? Do you enjoy breathing? Then have I got news for you. The Frieza Force is now recruiting and is stronger then ever. Having returned from the dead our Lord Frieza has become more powerful then ever and will return his iron first rule to the galaxy just as soon as he takes care of a few pesky Saiyans. Join now and you may be able to protect your pathetic planet from being destroyed first. For more information please watch the recruitment video at

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' - Taking it to a New Level

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' - Taking it to a New Level

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to see Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F at the Sie Film Center here in Denver. And it was quite the treat to see! The movie was everything that one could hope for. There was fighting, comedy, and plenty of escalation of powers! It was also nice that they did not over play powering up but still made it a large event. Everything that you could want from a Dragon Ball Z movie.

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The Professional Gamer - August 10, 2015

I have returned from my (brief) summer vacation, and am back to the ordinary world of work and geek.  But, I enjoyed my camping trip / tech sabbatical.  Several days without the ability to use my phone (at least without standing in some very specific locations) was a great break from normal life.  Now that I'm back, how have I spent my time?  Mostly planted in front of the TV, cause Denver is way too hot!

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