The Professional Gamer - August 29, 2014

Hello everyone! This past weekend we tried to have a bit of a geeky garage sale.  This kept me away from writing my article last week, but unfortunately was not terribly successful from a monetary point of view.  Anyways, since the last time that we talked, I finished watching a series, and decided to pick up my DS for further turn-based adventures

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Have you ever looked at Pokémon and thought that this turn based stuff is for the birds and it really needs more of a fighting game quality? Well then you are in luck! Live(ish) from YouTube comes a first look at "Pokkén Tournament". It is basically Tekken only with Pokémon characters. Fingers crossed this makes it state side.

This Weeks Geek - Remastered

Welcome to a remastered version of This Weeks Geek! In this edition you will get almost the exact same thing you normally get, but in an HD text format! OK, that is all a lie, but it brings me into what something that is becoming more relevant in video games, taking a popular game from an older console and remaking it for the new generation. We have seen this with HaloKingdom Hearts and now The Last of Us. But is this really something we want, or is it just a cheap(ish) way to make us buy the same game twice?

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NDK Approaches

Believe it or not, Nan Desu Kan is in less then 30 days. Yes, it is that soon, and there is not stopping it so I hope you are ready. Taking place September 12-14 at the Marriott in the DTC again, NDK started announcing some of the great guests that will be there this year. Who are these guests you ask? I am glad you thought about asking that.

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Assassin's Creed Unity Demo

Do you like Assassin's Creed? Can't wait to get your hands on Unity when it releases on October 28th? Well if that is the case then you may be interested in seeing this 11 minute uncut play through of Assassin's Creed Unity from Gamescom. This video also is narrated by Alex Amanico, Creative Director of the game.  The video is a full single player mission from start to finish so expect to see some of the new gameplay and parkour elements in play  along with an enhanced stealth system. And we cannot forget a better look at the beautiful city of Paris.