The Professional Gamer - February 6, 2017

Hi readers. This has been a busy week and weekend for me. I really don't have much to report on. I've finally finished reading the Robert's Rules of Order: Newly Revised, which is sort of like the Player's Handbook for debate and assembly.  If reading these types of books is something that you dig, you might enjoy this. But, that's all I've really got for this week. Have a great week and game on!

The Professional Gamer - January 30, 2017

Hello readers, and welcome to this weeks installment of The Professional Gamer. It has been a hell of a week, so let's take a break and talk about geeky stuff for a bit. This has been a week where a large portion of my time has been spent following the latest of the outrageous news coming from Washington; but, in order to maintain my own mental health, I did spend some time relaxing. Let's talk about that instead.

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Japan's Olympic 2020 Ambassadors - Most Animated Choice in History!

Japan's Olympic 2020 Ambassadors - Most Animated Choice in History!

The 2020 Olympics are still a few years out, but one does not rest when getting ready to prepare for the largest sporting event a nation can host! And normally, I wouldn't care about it either (OK, that is lie, but I don't go out of my way to watch it). So how do you get people like me interested in what is happening with the Olympics? You relate it to something that I am interested in!

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The Professional Gamer - January 23, 2016

Hi Readers! We've certainly had an eventful week. I hope everyone enjoyed the Nintendo Switch demo. We are very excited about Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  in our house. And, surprisingly, I'd rather have a subtitled version of the game rather than one that has been dubbed in English, at least based on the voice acting performances that were evident in the previews. The Japanese voice actors just put a lot more emotion into their performances.

Other than salivating about some cool new games, I've played some more Fantasy Life. I've even managed to master a couple of the lives in the game. I'm feeling like things are a little bit of a grind currently, but much of that is due to getting further along in the game and having more asked of me in order to advance my character.

In Elite: Dangerous, I'm starting to explore the galaxy, and slowly make my way to the Colonia cluster. My current intermediate destination is the Pipe Nebula. I'm purposely going very slow, plotting an economical route and scanning every feature in each system that I travel through. And, I've decided to start streaming my adventures in the stars on Twitch. I'll post notes when I'm streaming on Twitter so you all can follow my adventures.

That's all for now. Have a great week and game on!

Nintendo Switch Presentation

Thursday night Nintendo finally released new information about the Switch.

First off it will launch world wide 3/3/2017 for $299.99. Online services will include multiplayer and have a service that can link to smart devices. It will be free at launch and then add a subscription cost later. Also the system will not be region locked.

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The Professional Gamer - January 9, 2017

Hello, and welcome to another week of geek discussions with Jim, the Professional Gamer. I've had a fun week, picking up an older game again along with a new anime. So, lets talk about it.

Since Crystal got a Fantasy Life for Christmas, I've been playing again in order to share the experience with her. Also, in order to try out the multiplayer options. Unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to play together yet, so I don't have anything new to discuss, really. Hopefully, we'll get more of a chance to play together soon.

Next up, let's talk a bit about Konosuba. To be blunt, this series is trash. A hot mess of boobs, panty shots, and implied perversion. But, the comedic timing is decent and a few of the characters are interesting. I'm about half-way through the series at this point and will probably finish it due to the sunk cost fallacy. I'll come back with some additional comments once I finish the series.

That's all that I have for this week. See you next time and game on!


Jim Arthurs

B.Sc. - Geological Engineering, Ph.D. - Geology, P.E. - Civil Engineering. Retaining Wall Designer. Lover of Nintendo, Graphic Novels, and RPGs. Gardener, Homebrewer, and television viewer.

The Professional Gamer - January 2, 2016

Hello and Happy New Year to my fellow geeks! I hope that you have all had a good holiday break and are ready to head back to work, school, or just continuing to laze about the house. I'm heading back to work tomorrow, but that still gives me some precious time in order to play a few more games, read more comics, or watch more anime. What have I been doing for the past few weeks? Lots!

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The Professional Gamer - December 19, 2016

Hi everyone! A short article this week due to some travel at the end of the week. I didn't have a lot of time to geek out this week, but I did get a chance to see this handsome guy:

I watched the latest episode of Yuri!! On Ice just a few minutes before sitting down to write, so I'm still processing the episode (especially the stinger). At this point, I anticipating that next week will be the last episode, which I'm thinking will be an early Christmas present to all of us fans.

That's all I have for now. I'm not sure that I'll have an article next week due to the holiday. See you next time! Game on!