Australians may soon get "Mature" games

The great land down under.  Many times it has been refused the games they so rightly deserved.  They have either been watered down or not released at all.  Well soon they may be getting a path to gaming salvation, a path to the true game.  Or at least that is what they hope.  A R18+ guideline has been proposed to the the Australian government that will allow more adult friendly titles.

The new R18+ would allow "virtually" no limits. In the old R15+ (at least according to the draft) sex was limited to implied but could not be a reward, nudity could not be a reward, drug use has to be justified by the context of the game, and violence had to be justified while strong violence could not be shown very frequently.  In the draft of the R18+ violence "is permitted except where it offends against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults to the extent that it should not be classified." Sex may be a realistic simulation (not real), nudity is allowed (period) and drug use is allowed (period).  If you are interested in this hit the source link for the PDF that has the guidelines.