The Professional Gamer - August 29, 2014

Hello everyone! This past weekend we tried to have a bit of a geeky garage sale.  This kept me away from writing my article last week, but unfortunately was not terribly successful from a monetary point of view.  Anyways, since the last time that we talked, I finished watching a series, and decided to pick up my DS for further turn-based adventures.

Reading: During the past two weeks I have been rushing to finish reading The Self-Sufficient Life.  At this point, the book is due back to the library tomorrow, and I still have a substantial portion of the book to read.  All that seems to be left at this point is discussions about efficiency, energy use, and recycling.  At this point, I'm looking at buying the book for myself sometime later this year.  Next week, gonna start reading through all of my Humble Bundle comics.  Well, when I say all that may be a bit off, because I could not resist reading Bea and Puppycat immediately.  But I still have Bravest Warriors and Lumberjanes that I am really looking forwart too.  Plus some other titles that I hadn't previously heard of.  In other words, I may be giving up on the big book that I was trying to read, but I have a lot of smaller books to replace it with.

Watching: As I mentioned briefly during the latest podcast, I recently finished watching Season 3 of Legend of Korra, and I think this is the best season of the show so far.  I felt that the first season was rushed (mainly due to the assumption that there would only be the one season) and the writing of the main cast in the second season was a bit off and uneven.  However, the Avatar Won story was delightful both for the writing and the art style.  But, Season 3 had good pacing, an interesting villain, and the appropriate mixture of seriousness and humor.

Playing: These past couple of weeks, I picked up my 3DS to play some more of Bravely Default.  I haven't made a lot more progress through the story, but I have earned more experience and job points for my party.  And that's all that really matters for me.

That's all for this week.  Come back again next week to learn more about my geeky escapades.

Bravely Default