Daku Con

Hi everyone! Chris and I are at Daku Con this weekend. I’ll have an a Professional Gamer post up tomorrow. Meanwhile, watch our Twitter feeds (@iproteus and @thegameslave) for regular updates during the convention.

Daku Con Incoming

Daku Con Incoming

Wow, can you believe it is already November? And with the second to last month of the year comes the last (or at least the last I am aware of) convention of the season, Daku Con. What is Daku Con you might ask? Well it is a first year geek convention that is 18+. The convention is going to be held at the Radisson Hotel Denver Southeast (I-225 and S. Parker) on 11/10 - 11/12.

OK, so now you have the base details. Your first question may be, why an 18+ convention? To answer that question I am going to reference the front page of the Daku Con website.

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