Zelda Universe?

So apparently this is kind of old, but I had not heard it before so I felt that the rest of you deserved to see this as well.  If you go to ESRB.com and search for Zelda you will find 19 results. Most of these are listed under Nintendo game systems, except for two.  One of these is the much forgotten (on purpose) Zelda's Adventure on the CDI done by Philips (don't ask). The other is called Zelda Universe and it set for online. That is right, apparently a Zelda game was in the works to be online. Now the thing that makes this odder is that apparently this is a 3 year old posting.  Gamespot found a link that shows this same post from the ESRB all the way back in 2008. So why have we never heard anything on this? I guess the folks at Nintendo are the only ones that can answer this for us. So Nintendo, are we looking at a MMO in the Zelda Universe, a co-op over the net game on the new system, or something that we have not even contemplated yet?