This Weeks Geek - Good Games I Have a Hard Time Playing

Do you ever have an issue with playing a game that you know is supposed to be good; a game that by all rights is a great game, but you just can't get yourself to interested in it?  I recently started playing Saints Row The Third on the PS3.  My friends have said it is a funny game. Reviews have said that it has great gameplay and is extremely entertaining to play. However, I have a hard time staying interested in it because of the type of game it is. Since this is the only reason I can think why I'm not enjoying this type of game for what it is, means that I'll have to talk about some of my game history.

How can I not like this?The gameplay in the Saints Row series is based (loosely) on the GTA series.  This is a series that has never once interested me.  I have not played GTA III, Vice City, or San Andreas, so you get where I am going with this right? Now at its core, Saints Row uses the same open world formula as GTA; which envolves stealing a car and killing people at its core.  The game setting is present day with the average person present.  Saints Row may not take itself seriously, but it is close enough in game play and style to GTA that the humor isn't enough for me to separate them.  I'm trying to find the motivation to keep playing Saints Row The Third, but a current era game without some fantastical element is not my normal draw.  I enjoy typically enjoy superhero games (inFamous), fantasy games (Skyrim), or high technology games (Mass Effect).

So you see my problem with Saints Row The Third?  It is a truly great critically acclaimed game, that just does not scratch my gaming itch.  I know that others people have games that give them similar issues.  ZeldaQueen is a an RPG fan that never got into The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for example, but what games do you have issues with?  Sound off in the comments.