The Professional Gamer - August 21, 2017

Hello readers! Camping last week was pretty great. Had a little bit of rain, but got to do some hiking, cooking, and reading. In the time since my return, I've been watching some cartoons and other animation. Let's discuss some things.

First, a friend brought his Warhammer 40K rule book and models with him on the camping trip, and now I'm thinking about getting into the game again. I've dug my models out of the attic to take an inventory of them, and also had a quick look through the revised rules. God help me, but I may be going back in.

The second season of Little Witch Academia has been released to Netflix (finally!) and Crystal and I have been sitting down to watch it. The animation is stunning, especially the action sequences. But, Akko has to be one of the densest protagonists that I have ever seen. I'm hoping that there will be some payoff to this at the end of the series. I find it frustrating that the main character is not starting to put together the pieces of the story at least as fast as the audience.

In other animation news, the first episode of Ducktales is now available on YouTube. I watched it earlier this week, and found it to be a lot of fun. The way they have revised the characters to make Huey, Louie, and Dewey more distinct and individualistic, and to make Webby and Mrs. Beakley a bit less old-timey stereotypes of female characters. With the exception of Donald, the voice acting is great. (Even Donald improves halfway through the first episode, but the earlier portion is almost unintelligible).

That's all for this week. We'll see what I have waiting in my model box. See you next time and game on!