Bethesda E3 2018 Briefing

OK, after doing two of these in bullet point format, I am going to change it up a bit. Let me know what you think.

Skyrim: Very Special Edition

You can play Skyrim on Alexa now! They are serious, you can actually play it via Amazon Alexa. Polygon has a thing on how do this on iOS and Android. They also showed the guy playing it on future systems, a pager and a Samsung Fridge. Nice to see that they admit they have gotten all they can out of this franchise.

Fallout 76

The prequel to all other Fallout games. Set to four times larger then Fallout 4 was. Which means, given it being a Bethesda title, it will also have four times the bugs. Takes place in West Virginia. The trailer showed a new type of mutant that looks like a beast. Also a new beast that can fly. The mosquito things are bad enough, this thing looked like a bat. Flying vampire ghoul maybe? A Scorchbeast looks terrifying! Vault 76 was the first vault to open after only 25 years (which is pretty quick compared to most other vaults).

The game is entirely online, but you can still play solo. Death does not mean loss of progression, so that should limit griefers, or so I hope. You can also still build your own homes, and you can build them anywhere and then apparently move them. And then enemies can come and destroy it...

The game has nuclear missiles on the map, and players can use them if they get all the launch codes. I don't know how to feel about this. Seems like groups may just use it to be a pain in the a$$ to other players.

They are having a Break-it Early Test Application (B.E.T.A.) program. There will also be an expensive collectors edition that includes a map that glows in the dark, figures to place on the map, and a wearable power armor helmet with working head lamp and voice modulator. Game comes out 11/14/2018. I am going to get it, I know it will be buggy, the multiplayer will probably irritate me, but I will get it and have fun.

Fallout Shelter

It is 3 years old now. And it is now out for PS4 and Switch. Can't say I see a reason to play it on something other then a phone, but to each their own.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Another mobile game. This is a FP RPG that is for iPhone X. It is essentially a full ES game, just on an iPhone. It has dungeons and outdoor areas. There is a town building mode to improve your town / home base.  This is actually pretty cool, and since it will be available for just about anything I will probably play it. And it being free does not hurt.


The trailer opens, lens flare, super dramatic. You see a space station. It then gets destroyed.

The Elder Scrolls VI

The crazy guys, they actually did it! They announced The Elder Scrolls VI was teased! Of course they didn't actually show anything about it, but at least now we know they are officially working on it and not just Skyrim for a Samsung Fridge.