The Professional Gamer - July 13, 2018

Another week in the midst of the inter-season anime drought. Funimation has been a little slow adding the last few episodes of My Hero Academia to their simul-dub collection, so I've had to find other things to watch instead. Also, I'm thinking about a new MMO now. Which I may have already downloaded and started a free trial on. So, what's going on then? Read on to find out.

On the anime front, I'm making progress with the Food Wars! dub. I'm still enjoying it, though it does take a bit to get used to the English language voice actors. The English dub does a great job adapting the comedy keeping the humor accessible. I'm currently watching the Fall Selection arch, and enjoying the voice acting for the judges a lot.

Now, in the realm of MMO's, with the recent issues at ArenaNet, I decided to find a new game to play. I know, I know. There's no ethical consumption under capitalism, but there are at least some options that are less bad. Long story short, I downloaded the demo of Final Fantasy XIV, and I'm having some fun with it. I'm still kinda in the new MMO stage where I'm learning about the game and how my character works. We'll see how it goes as I progress more, but up to this point the quests have a good mix of humor and seriousness. The complete edition is on sale currently, so it might be a good chance to get the game if you've thought about doing it in the past.

That's all for now. Have a great week and game on!