The Professional Gamer - June 12, 2017

Hi readers! I've had meetings three nights this week, which has prevented me from doing a large number of geeky things. However, I did manage to have a little bit of fun, so let's talk about that.

I found some time to watch Dr. Strange during the week. This is likely my favorite Marvel movie to date. I felt like there was a more realistic portrayal of a hero's journey, with a person who is obviously brilliant and studious, but not an expert at the new thing he is trying to do. Which was a bit refreshing compared to the typical white savior complex. It does continue the Marvel tradition of well shot action scenes and some creative special effects. The reality bending scenes were especially effective. And, by the mid-point of the movie, I managed to forget that Benedict Cumberbatch was playing the lead. That is, the character was showing through more than the actor.

Also, Volume 1 of the Steven Universe soundtrack was just released, and I am immensely enjoying having access to those songs at all times.

That's all for this week. Game on!